Your Entire Whole House LED Lighting Investment – Guaranteed for Life

BonLight is happy to be the first and currently the only retailer offering a lifetime warranty on residential LED light bulbs.  This warranty is separate from the manufacturer’s warranty which will vary from bulb to bulb.  A minimum purchase of 50 bulbs is required to qualify for this warranty.  After purchasing, you will be offered an opportunity to register your whole house LED light investment with this lifetime warranty.

Our warranty will cover complete replacement of any residential led lamp or bulb that fails at any point during the time you own and live in your home.  Some limitations do apply.  For example, the warranty only covers bulbs installed in owner occupied single family homes.  Owner occupied attached homes such as townhomes and condominium units are covered as well so long as they are your full-time primary residence.  The warranty does not cover bulbs installed in investment homes, rental homes, vacation homes, or rented apartment homes.

Our lifetime warranty will not be transferable to subsequent residents or owners of your home.  In simple terms, this warranty is yours and cannot be sold or transferred when you sell or rent your home.  Likewise, this warranty only applies to the original address for which the bulbs were purchased and installed at.

Homebuilders and contractors who purchase bulbs and/or lamps from may offer this lifetime warranty to the first or original owner occupant of the home.

If a bulb fails and qualifies for replacement under this warranty, homeowner must contact BonLight within 10 days to arrange shipment of the product back to BonLight.  Due to the constant changes in both technology and product offerings, BonLight reserves the right to replace the affected lights with similar or higher quality products offered from a different manufacturer.